PopClip User Guide

Note - This user guide is now a little out of date. Please bear with me until I update it.

When you select text using your mouse, PopClip appears with these actions:

Cut, Copy and Paste
Just like usual clipboard functions on your Mac.
Try it out: copy me to the clipboard
Note: Cut and Paste only appear where the text is editable.
Tip: Hold shift (⇧) when you click Cut, Copy or Paste to strip the formatting from the text in the process.
Perform web search for the selected text, in a new browser tab.
Try it out: google me
Open Link
Open the selected web address(es), in a new browser tab.
Try it out: apple.com/mac boingboing.net
Tip: If you select several links, PopClip will open all of them.
Bonus tip: If you hold shift (⇧) when you click Open Link, PopClip will copy the links to the clipboard as a list.
Reveal in Finder
Reveal the selected file path in Finder.
Try it out: ~/Documents
Look up the selected word in the built-in Dictionary app.
Try it out: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Note: The Dictionary action only appears if the word you selected is actually in the dictionary.
If PopClip thinks the word is misspelled, it will offer suggestions. Click the correct word to correct the spelling.
Note: Spelling suggestions only appear where the text is editable.
Another note: You may need to set the Spelling Language in PopClip preferences, to match the language you are writing in.
And many, many more...
Make sure to check out the PopClip Extensions page, where you can choose from over 100 more actions to add to PopClip. You can also make your own extensions.

How to activate Paste

There are three ways to make PopClip appear when you want to paste in an empty text field:

  1. Long press (hold the mouse button for 0.5 seconds);
  2. Shift-click (click while holding down the Shift (⇧) key);
  3. Double-click.

Methods 1 and 2 will also summon PopClip at an insertion point between characters.

How long does PopClip stay on screen?

PopClip's will remain on screen until:

  • You click or type anywhere outside PopClip
  • You move the mouse away to another part of the screen
  • You scroll the scroll wheel

Paste and Match Style

Hold down the shift (⇧) key when you click Paste, to paste without formatting. You can also hold shift when you click Copy (and Cut), to copy without formatting.

Tip: You can also add a dedicated Paste and Match Style button using the Paste and Match Style extension.

Prevent PopClip appearing

There are several ways to tame PopClip, if you find that it appears when you don't want it to.

  • Hold down the or Fn key while selecting text, and PopClip will not appear.
  • To avoid PopClip showing up when using a particular application, add it to the Excluded Apps list in PopClip preferences. Click the '+' button to show the file chooser, and select the application you want to add to the list.

    Tip: Holding when clicking '+'adds the currently active application directly to the list.

  • You can turn off PopClip completely by clicking the on/off button in the preferences panel.

    Tip: Right-clicking the PopClip menu bar icon is a shortcut to toggle PopClip on/off.

    Advanced tip: You can also toggle PopClip on/off using AppleScript.

Advanced Topics

Now that you have mastered the basics, see the Advanced Topics section to get more out of PopClip.