Control PopClip using AppleScript

To turn PopClip on or off, use the "enabled" property. For example:

tell application "PopClip" to set enabled to true          -- turn on
tell application "PopClip" to set enabled to false         -- turn off
tell application "PopClip" to set enabled to not enabled   -- toggle

To make PopClip appear for the currently selected text, use the "appear" command:

tell application "PopClip" to appear

Sneaky tip: You can still trigger "appear" while PopClip is turned off.

Activating PopClip from the Keyboard

If you want to trigger PopClip from the keyboard, you can bind the "appear" AppleScript above to a hotkey, using your favorite keyboard-based launcher app (for example FastScripts, Alfred, LaunchBar or Quicksilver). Or you can set up an an Automator service

Handy tip: Once activated via AppleScript, you can select PopClip actions using the ←, →, and space/enter keys.

Other ways to activate PopClip

You are not limited to keyboard shortcuts. You can also trigger PopClip via any mechanism that can call AppleScript. One cool way is to set up multi-touch gestures using  BetterTouchTool.