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All PopClip downloads will run fully unlocked if you have previously run the Mac App Store version on the same Mac.

Latest version

For macOS 10.12.6 and above: PopClip 2019.9.1 (zip file, 1.9Mb), released 27 Sep 2019.
Release notes: 
- Show PopClip in an empty text field with a double-click, Shift-click, or long press.
- Fixed the AppleScript interface.
See the blog post for more information.

PopClip is also available on the Mac App Store: Mac App Store — PopClip.

To restore an existing purchase on a new Mac, log in to the Mac App Store store with your Apple ID and find PopClip in the 'Purchases' section.

Older versions

  • For macOS 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11: PopClip 1.5.8 (zip file, 1.9Mb), released 10 Oct 2017.
  • For macOS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8: PopClip 1.5.4 (zip file, 2.2Mb), released 8 Sep 2015; requires 64-bit processor.
  • For macOS 10.6 with 32-bit processor: PopClip 1.4.9 (zip file, 2.3Mb), released 24 Oct 2013.

License key for older versions: Use this license key to unlock these old versions of PopClip. (Save and double-click the .popcliplicense file to apply.)

Beta version
Build 3009 (19 Oct 2019)

Changes since 2019.9.1:
  • Roll back some recent changes to PopClip behaviour to avoid interference problems with certain apps (for example graphics and video editors). Please note, this means PopClip may *stop* working in some apps. Please report any compatibility problems using the inbuilt feedback button (envelope icon, in PopClip prefs "about" tab), which will include useful diagnostic information.
  • Add "ClassicBlue" hidden pref (bool) to force blue colour always, independent of macOS setting.
  • Excluded PopClip from appearing in Crossover and VMware Fusion.
  • Fixed: Duplicate actions sometimes appearing in the PopClip bar. [reverts bug introduced in 2019.9]
  • Fixed: Paste appearing when dragging, but not selecting text. [reverts bug introduced in 2019.9.1]
  • Compatibility: Prevented PopClip appearing in Parallels Desktop, including Coherence apps.

Download (zip file)

Beta installation: There are two options when trying a beta. Option 1 (recommended) is to delete your existing version from /Applications and put the beta version in place. It will then  receive updates to all future beta versions if you turn on "Check for Updates".  Option 2 is to  simply run the beta temporarily from your Downloads directory, for example. In both cases, your existing settings and extensions will be preserved.

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