Dropshelf Preferences

To access Dropshelf preferences, click the link in the main menu.

"General" pane

Start at login: When checked, Dropshelf will launch automatically when you start your computer. (Default: Off)

Show in menu bar: Sets whether the Dropshelf icon appears in your Mac's menu bar. (Default: On)

Tip: When the icon is not in the menu bar, you can show the main menu by clicking the Dropshelf app icon in the Dock, or double-clicking it in Finder.

Appearance: Pick your preferred color scheme for Dropshelf's shelves. Choose between yellow stripes (default), subtle grey, or a rather nice blue.

"Behavior" pane

Active Edges: Select which edges of the screen can trigger a new shelf. Only the currently available edges are shown, according to the position of the Dock. If you uncheck all edges, you can still create new shelves by the New Shelf commands in the main menu.

Minimize inactive shelves: Set whether shelves should automatically minimize when you are not using them. See: The shelf. (Default: On)

Retain contents after dragging out: Set whether the shelf should close after you drag its contents out. Default is to automatically close. (Default: Off)