PopClip FAQ

PopClip isn't working for me. What can I do?
First of all, work though PopClip Troubleshooting to eliminate common problems. If all that fails, please send me an email.

I bought PopClip on the Mac App Store. I want to reinstall it, but it is asking me to buy it again.
You probably need to sign in to the App Store first, or you may need to unhide your purchase. See:  Mac App Store Troubleshooting.

Is there a difference between the Mac App Store and website download versions of PopClip?
There is no difference at all in functionality between the versions. (Only minor differences, for example the website version has a built in software update whereas MAS version is updated using the store.)

Can I change the search engine from google.com to something else?
See: Change PopClip's Search Engine.

Can I activate PopClip with a keyboard shortcut?
Yes. You need to do a little bit of work to set it up. See: Controlling PopClip using AppleScript.

I don't want PopClip to appear all the time. Instead, I only want it to appear when I hold down a key (such as ⌘)
This is a feature I have chosen not to add. Instead  I suggest to turn PopClip "Off" and set up a custom keyboard shortcut (as above) to show it when wanted.

Can you make the Dictionary action use the OS X pop-up dictionary instead of the Dictionary app?
I'd love it to do this, but it is technically not possible (as far as I know).

Can you get the Search and Open Link actions to open the new page as a background tab?
No, I tried but couldn't find a way to do it.

How do I turn off PopClip's spell checker?
To turn off spelling suggestions, set the Spelling Language in PopClip preferences to "None".

PopClip is disappearing too quickly. Can I increase the time it stays on screen?
There is actually no timer that makes PopClip disappear. It will remain on screen indefinitely, and will disappear only when you move the mouse away to another part of the screen, or if you click elsewhere, or start typing.

Some of the extensions I installed are not appearing. It something broken?
Some extensions only appear in certain conditions. For example, the Instapaper extension only appears if you select a web link; the Twitter extension only appears if you select less than 140 chars; the Skype extension only appears if you select a phone number.

Can I sync extensions between different computers using iCloud/Dropbox etc.?
No, syncing extensions is currently not possible.

Why does the Edit menu flash sometimes when I use PopClip? 
The edit menu flashing is a result of the way PopClip works, and this can't be "fixed". It happens when PopClip asks the application you are to copy the selected text to the clipboard briefly, so PopClip can see it. OS X flashes the Edit menu title when the Copy command is invoked.

How do I "Force Quit" PopClip?
If PopClip is unresponsive, you can use Activity Monitor to force quit. Please report this if it is happening a lot!

How do I uninstall PopClip from my computer? 
To remove PopClip from you computer, simply quit the application, then drag the application to the Trash. If you also wish to remove PopClip's data, (the preferences and extension files), delete the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.pilotmoon.popclip.plist and the folder ~/Library/Application Support/PopClip.

How do I back up or transfer my settings and extensions?
Back up the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.pilotmoon.popclip.plist and the folder ~/Library/Application Support/PopClip. You can transfer these to a new Mac and everything should carry over. You should quit PopClip on the new Mac before performing the copy; it should not be running while you update the files.

Can you make an iOS version of PopClip?
Unfortunately PopClip would not be possible on iOS, due to the way iOS apps work.

Is there a version of PopClip for Windows?
I don't make a Windows version of PopClip. There is however a similar app called Pantherbar for Windows, which was inspired by PopClip. (Please note, Pantherbar is by a different developer and I cannot assist with anything Pantherbar-related.)